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Custom Development

We propose solutions that are studied and designed to match your project financial, marketing constraints and business requirements. Our goal is to guarantee perfect compatibility of the options available to you.

Our agency is committed to support and assist you step by step in the execution of your project.


Good advice is half the battle. As a client you simply can’t know everything about something that’s not your core business. However, our core business is precisely to know about topics like Web Development, Content Management, House-Style Development & Implementation, Usability, Corporate Identity, Responsive Design, SEO, SEA, Web Statistics & Analytics, Email Marketing, Social Media, Front Office & Third-party Integration and Web Services. To name 'a few'...


We develop top quality web applications which are not restricted to just providing information. We link your website to your local systems and to familiar sites, like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Maps. These features are bundled in our own user-friendly CMS which enables you not just to manage the content with ease, but also to make it available for intranet applications selectively. Is a feature you want not available yet? Then we will tailor-make it for you.


The most important aspect of design is to successfully communicate information. The message itself is determined by you, but the design is a vital factor in just how the message is perceived by the target audience. We are experts in graphic and web design. It doesn't matter to us whether we need to design something completely new, evolve a design or implement an existing design or house-style. And of course our creativity goes hand in hand with our technical expertise.


You need regular maintenance in your website or application in order to ensure that it remains updated, safe, and secure. This encourages growth in traffic and boosts your SEO and rankings on Google. Whether you are a big company, an individual, or a small business owner, it is imperative to keep your website up to date. This allows you to engage and interact with consumers and potential visitors on your site and prevents major problems on your site. Let us take care of that for you, so you can concentrate on building your business.

Some of our projects

We have completed a lot of of projects! Let's check some of them here.

Youth Olympic Games (YOG) Lausanne 2020

Website Development / Custom Backend Development

WP Maintenance

Website Design & Development

Practice Safe Voting

Website Development

Lamarelle Shop

Website Design & Development


Custom E-Commerce Backend Development

Azafrán Miami

Website Design & Development

Ebre Carrelage

Wordpress Website Development

E-Commerce Platform Development

Jobeo Ads

Job Board Application Development

Wordpress Website Development


Progressive Web App Development

About Galltek

We are a collective of experiential developers from diverse backgrounds and based in South Florida, who forged together to create a one-of-a-kind full service offering.

As a team of skilled web developers having decades-long of expertise, we're capable of composing high-end web software, web applications, and web portal development, delivering exquisitely robust web solutions that are custom tailored to your specific industry needs.

We have successfully completed hundreds of web projects for industries with diverse business domains, including E-Commerce, Job Board, E-Learning, Banking, and Content & Document Management.

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